Minecraft vs ATLA: Why Not Both?


I found this awesome server a loooong time ago called benderscraft. Strange though it may be, it’s really a decent server.  Currently, it supports minecraft 1.6.4, and up to 55 people online at once. Plugins on the server include the Heroes plugin, as well as Orion’s bending plugin, and a bunch of other stuff that aren’t exactly relevant to this review.

Anyway, off with the boring technical details and on with the fun stuff. To start off, the first thing you’ll do when you spawn is go through the rules and a quiz to make sure you understood them. Then you’ll go to the real spawn and work your way to picking an element. There will usually be two or three mods, admins, or “Minimods,” as trial mods are called, online to help you if you need it. Elements: Water, Air, Earth, Fire and Chiblocking. I listed them in the order of my favorites 😉 Each element has special abilities, or perks, whichever, that make survival easier. Water gets to swim faster (shift with an unbound slot [I’ll explain binding in a moment]), as well as not taking fall damage when landing on snow or ice. Air and Chi get a speed and jump boost upon sprinting, and Air takes no fall damage whatsoever. Earth takes no fall damage from everything but ice, snow, and cobblestone (which isn’t earth). Fire doesn’t have special perks, because it’s the strongest during the day. Water is stronger at night.

Binding your moves is the first thing you’ll want to do when you pick an element. Since the bending plugin was coupled with the heroes plugin, you gain new moves every few levels. Water, for example, gets to start with Water Manipulation, a basic move that can be very powerful when used right. To bind it, you use the /b b (move) (slot) command. (It’s short for /bending bind (move) (slot) ), IE /b b watermanipulation 1. Note that you have to spell out the move fully, so it’s a good idea not to be under attack when you do it.

Finally, leveling up. I looked through each element for a while before I decided which one I liked best. Every element but fire gain exp from farming wheat, sugarcane and pumpkins. Everything gains exp from pvp, while Air doesn’t gain exp from hunting mobs at night. It’s strangely confusing, so my advice is to do /skills when you’ve picked an element and read the really long paragraph at the top of it. That command also shows you what moves you’ve unlocked (/skills 2 as well, for higher levels), and when you’ll unlock the next one.

I’ve been enjoying the server for well over two years, through two resets and about 5 or 6 minecraft updates. I know that a lot of you will enjoy it too, and if you see Zephos14 (or ~Zeph) online, give me a shout 🙂
Until next time, Minecrafters.


Oh My, SHIELD, What Have You Done?


So I watched the pilot episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD yesterday, and I was utterly shocked by what I found. It blew past my expectations of a Marvel movie or TV show and brought me to my knees, laughing and crying. I’ll try not to spoil everything, but it was too awesome for me /not/ to stop until it was over. I fell asleep happy, and sad. Anyway, enough with the suspense. Here’s my review of the single episode.

Compared to the Avengers (which, by the way, was an amazing movie. I pity the people living under rocks that haven’t seen it), this show is on about the same plane. Amazingly casted, impeccable SFX, and a decent story line. Although the music in the background could have been a lot better, I have to say that this was better than Avengers: EMH, by far. Not to mention that it’s not animated. Overall? I give it an 8.5 out of 10. Mainly for sloppy music and lack of Nick Fury.

Woo hoo!


Alrighty! Have I got fun planned. At a minimum of one a week, I’ll be posting something about music, writing/reading, or minecraft. Reviews, personal experiences, or just random nonsense. I’ve enjoyed blogging to my family in the past, and now I can do it to the world 😀

So, a short intro here, and a lengthier bio in the “About” page. Let’s see…

I play minecraft a lot, read and write, and I love playing and listening to music. I’ll review a song, album, minecraft server, book, my own writing, etc every so often. Enjoy!