Oh My, SHIELD, What Have You Done?


So I watched the pilot episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD yesterday, and I was utterly shocked by what I found. It blew past my expectations of a Marvel movie or TV show and brought me to my knees, laughing and crying. I’ll try not to spoil everything, but it was too awesome for me /not/ to stop until it was over. I fell asleep happy, and sad. Anyway, enough with the suspense. Here’s my review of the single episode.

Compared to the Avengers (which, by the way, was an amazing movie. I pity the people living under rocks that haven’t seen it), this show is on about the same plane. Amazingly casted, impeccable SFX, and a decent story line. Although the music in the background could have been a lot better, I have to say that this was better than Avengers: EMH, by far. Not to mention that it’s not animated. Overall? I give it an 8.5 out of 10. Mainly for sloppy music and lack of Nick Fury.