Heh, Owl City!


Owl City… I’m amazed that I’m going to try this review without any outbursts of “THIS STUFF IS AWESOME!”

Oh, well, there.

I have three of his albums, Ocean Eyes (’09), All Things Bright and Beautiful (’11), and Midsummer Station (’12). Ocean Eyes contains Fireflies, which is a really good song, but my favorite is Embers from Midsummer Station. His music is something between electronic, pop and indie, and I can’t get enough of it. 🙂

More information found at the wikipedia article.




Well, another server review here. DarkHelmet MC, or DHMC, is a Towny server with a bunch of awesome and custom plugins written by the owner, Viveleroi. Okay, now for the “official” review.

DHMC is a long time running (2+ years) minecraft server with Towny, ranks, and a lot of custom plugins written by the owner and admins/mods. The staff is really helpful, and they’ll answer anything you can ask them. The players will do so if they can. While the server has 500 slots, there are never more than 50 players on at one time. It makes it a great place for you to go if you want a small, tight knitted community.

Ranks… You start off as a “New” player. Grey title, minimal permissions, and only your wits and a rule book. You can ask to join a town, go out to the wild and start your own house (to be turned into a town at a later rank) or just explore spawn. Then comes Trusted (Trust title) where you get some more permissions, can make a residence (non-town protection), and do a few other things. Respected (Resp title) gives you /fly, auction permissions, and much more. Legendary (Lgnd title) gives you more permissions, and some other stuff. I don’t know all the details, but those are the ranks you can earn without donations. more info at http://www.dhmc.us 🙂

Overall, the server is awesome and well worth checking out. I’ve been on it for a little over a year, and I’ve loved it. They’re rather strict about griefing and that sort of thing, so don’t try it. Again, the website has more info than I can give here. It’s almost too much to take in all at once. Enjoy! And send me a message if you see me 🙂


Oh My, SHIELD, What Have You Done?


So I watched the pilot episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD yesterday, and I was utterly shocked by what I found. It blew past my expectations of a Marvel movie or TV show and brought me to my knees, laughing and crying. I’ll try not to spoil everything, but it was too awesome for me /not/ to stop until it was over. I fell asleep happy, and sad. Anyway, enough with the suspense. Here’s my review of the single episode.

Compared to the Avengers (which, by the way, was an amazing movie. I pity the people living under rocks that haven’t seen it), this show is on about the same plane. Amazingly casted, impeccable SFX, and a decent story line. Although the music in the background could have been a lot better, I have to say that this was better than Avengers: EMH, by far. Not to mention that it’s not animated. Overall? I give it an 8.5 out of 10. Mainly for sloppy music and lack of Nick Fury.