Comic #1


Well, I’ve had all week to plan, so you can expect one or quite possibly two comics from me over the weekend. The first one will be here in a moment, and I’ll update it weekly. 🙂 Don’t worry, guys, I won’t be late with these.


There you are. 🙂




Well, I’ve gone through many a November without knowing exactly what I could get myself into. Now that I have the chance, I can’t. Sorry guys. I’ll try to keep myself writing, but I can’t do it consistently. But if my word count on The Riders reaches my initial goal of 25,000 words, I’ll be happy enough to strive to do it next year.

Also, note the new theme. It’s relatively new, called Writr, and I like it. It helps showcase my writing, posts, and the occasional picture. Again, comments are appreciated.