I’m Baaaack!


Well, it’s been a long, fruitful month off of WordPress. I’m gonna have to do this every December! But this time with scheduled posts. Anyway, prepare for another onslaught of writing. I’m sorry to say that I haven’t had the time to write some more of the Riders, due to school eating me away (hah, Skillet reference), but I’ll get to work on it ASAP. And I’ll have another “series” coming, starting sometime in the next week. 😀

As for reviews and such, I’m going to go over some music albums, and maybe another minecraft server or two. Until then, PLEASE comment stuff for me to check out. Music (with links, please), minecraft servers, I don’t care what else, as long as it’s clean. 🙂


Comic #1


Well, I’ve had all week to plan, so you can expect one or quite possibly two comics from me over the weekend. The first one will be here in a moment, and I’ll update it weekly. 🙂 Don’t worry, guys, I won’t be late with these.


There you are. 🙂



I’ve been looking through a lot of different webcomics lately, including one here on wordpress (Bo’s cafe life), and I’m considering starting one of my own. It’ll probably be stickmen talking about random things, since I’m not much of an artist, but I’d be able to do one or two a week. Of course, I’d need ideas, and some kind of organizational skill to actually pull it off, but it’s out there.

Now, back to the story… Wait, there’s an idea. Comic-ise my story? Could I actually do that? I’ll put the effort into it, and I might get back to you in a week or three. Meh.


The Riders, Part 1


Well, I’ve had the idea for a long time now, but I haven’t been able to put it down, lacking inspiration and a decent plot. Now, though, I think I’ve got a decent amount planned. Be warned, though. I’m only using his characters, and I’ll have a little (c) Christopher Paolini at the bottom of every one of these. I’m not claiming his characters or worlds, I’m just using them to further the story of the Riders. I’ll post it in small installments of 2 to 4 paragraphs, as often as I can.

Anyway, here goes.

Roran loaded up the wagon. “We had a good harvest this year,” Horst commented. Roran nodded, deep in thought. Ever since the final battle to take Uru’baen, now Illeria, he had moments where he fell to brooding over the men he killed in battle. Horst elbowed him. “Anyone home? I think someone wants to see her father.” Roran looked up to see his daughter running towards him. Ismira threw herself into his arms, and he swung her up and around, laughing. “You know, Horst, sometimes being a father is a pain, but I enjoy the work. Now, Ismira, go tell your mother we’ll be home as soon as we finish getting this last load to the barn. Okay?” Ismira nodded and ran off, and Roran turned back to his work.

Katrina brushed her hair back, bending over the weaving she was repairing. “Mommy!” Ismira ran in, and Katrina sat up to greet her daughter. “Daddy says he’ll be home soon. They’ve got one more load to take to the barn.” Katrina nodded and smiled at Ismira. “Uncle Eragon sent something for you, honey. Can you guess?” Ismira shook her head. “It’s a shard from one of the dragon’s eggs. He knew you liked purple, so here you go.” Katrina held out a small fragment of what looked like a purple jewel, though she knew better. “Thanks, Mommy. And thank you, uncle Eragon.” She jumped around with the little fragment, and then ran off to show her father and the rest of the town, like she always did. Katrina sighed. Sometimes the work was hard, but having little Ismira around made it all worthwhile.

Characters, names and locations (c) Christopher Paolini.